Corporate superannuation for business can be complex and confusing.  Our superannuation specialists and advisors can help you develop and tailor a simplified superannuation strategy that will provide access to a flexible, cost-effective super solution – with a range of features and benefits to suit your business.

Our specialist superannuation services include:

  • Source an appropriate super fund provider, appropriate to meet your business needs
  • Design and develop superannuation fund solutions for your employees.
  • Benchmarking and fund evaluation
  • Investment strategies and advice
  • Provide ongoing member support
  • Review Insurance options
  • Provide communications, seminars and education to employee’s.
  • Provide Policy Committee support.
  • Management of corporate tender services.
  • Provide employers with up to date superannuation legislation and policy changes.

If you have any queries regarding employer sponsored superannuation or would like to book an appointment to meet with one if our superannuation specialist, please contact our toll free number 1800 213 766 or contact us.

Note: A good addition to your corporate superannuation page could be a right hand sidebar section (or other section) that mentions your toll free number, with a call to arms for people to contact you. This provides an obvious mention of your toll free number and support for corporate superannuation.